About Us

Doxxia is named after the founder Evie Ganikis' grandmother Eùdoxia. The woman whom taught her how to sew and whom taught her so much about loving and embracing her curves. She continues to help process orders with Evie today in their studio. Doxxia is a love letter to her and all of the inspirational women in her life.
Why we started
Doxxia Swim was birthed to create stylish swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes while maintaining style and comfort. Founder Evie Ganikis struggled to find affordable swimwear which catered to larger cup sizes. Anything that fit larger breast sizes was unaffordable or styled for an older demographic . Her Grandmother taught her how to sew and then they worked on creating a swimwear line which moulded to the body and accentuated it's curves. The brand has now moved into creating custom resort-wear pieces. Each piece is hand sewn by Evie and her grandmother Eúdoxia in their Melbourne based studio.
Conscious Creations
All of our designs at Doxxia are built around the notions of comfort, timelessness and inclusitivity. We ensure that each design looks and feels good on ever body body shape.
We also run our business through a made to order basis to reduce excessive wastage, ensuring to be being ethical with how we produce. All our fabrications are sourced locally in Melbourne. 
Our Mission
Is to create timeless and inclusive pieces which embodies quality, comfort and style which can be warn by a diverse range of body shapes and further empower the women whom wear them.
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